Mizzou Tailgating

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"We are proud of the way our fans represent the University of Missouri. Please know that Sportsmanship is a primary focus for the Tigers, and should be for our fans. Respect of our team, our opponents and our neighbors in the stands is paramount to our tradition of excellence at Mizzou. We ask that you be enthusiastic in your support, but do so in a way that reflects well on all of us."
- Mike Alden, Director of Athletics

Tailgating Policy

For those under age 21 it is illegal to consume alcohol. It is also illegal to provide alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. On home football game days, tailgating is allowed in any parking lot or garage on MU's campus where people typically park for football games. Keep in mind that most streets and adjacent sidewalks throughout the campus are city property, so all city laws related to alcohol such as open container, minor in possession, and disorderly conduct still apply. Excessive quantities of alcohol will not be permitted in any vehicle or in any of the parking lots. At informal tailgating activities, no direct or indirect sales of alcohol are permitted.

Alcohol inside the Stadium: Alcohol cannot be brought into the stadium and can only be consumed in the Private Suites and Tiger Lounge. For more information on MU's Alcohol Policy, including the policy for formal tailgates, click here.

Effective July 1, 2013 all of the University of Missouri campus and its Athletic Facilities will be smoke-free

Whether you're a student, an employee or a visitor to Mizzou, we can help you make this transition. We'll tell you how the smoking policy might affect you, show you where designated smoking areas are located and point you to resources to help you kick the habit or manage your cravings.

Together we'll make our beautiful campus a cleaner, healthier place for all Tigers. Check out smokefree.missouri.edu for more information!